About Us

Geohebeth Lines has been working in Ghana to create economic opportunities for the neglected youth in rural areas in an environmentally sustainable way.

Working in 7 communities, majority of which are rural hard-to-reach areas, our work has impacted over 150 youths.

In Ghana, the disadvantaged youth in rural areas search for livelihood result to economic activities which are detrimental to the environment.There is a need to tackle the root cause of this issue urgently.

We form strategic partnerships with local and international partners to address this challenge by ensuring sustainable livelihood for these neglected youth and to save our planet earth.

We work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

To create opportunities for Ghana’s rural youth in a way that benefits people and the environment.


  • Amazoniko (Columbia).
  • UNICEF/MEST Africa.
  • Ho SDGs Civil Society Organisations, Volta Region.
  • Thought for Food Foundation (USA).
  • Social Venture Africa (Sweden).

Our Mission

Using social entrepreneurship, advocacy and leveraging on local resources to create environmentally sustainable livelihood for the rural youth.